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Open Hospital

How to Participate

There are many ways to participate in the OH community. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in roadmap discussions, reporting bugs, suggesting improvements, answering questions, writing documentation and traslations, working on standards, connecting with others to share ideas, and other vital tasks necessary in a healthy community.

Is important to have a personal reason for being involved. You might be trying to solve a day job issue, you might be looking to learn a new technology, you might be helping a ONLUS that works in Africa or you might simply want to do something fun in your free time. We don't care what your motivation is, we just care about you wanting to get involved.

On a less technical level for example you can test the software and her features, report errors or inconsistencies, improve language translations or create new one, writing new documentation or improve the existing one. For example, you can learn how to participate in translations in various languages ​​, or simply try OH and report bugs or give us your feedback ( learn more at the page "How to contribute”).

Finding an issue to work on

If you are trying to satisfy a specific technical problem then you already know what you want to work on, but if you are looking for something useful to do in order to participate in OH project then the projects issue/bug tracker is your friend.

In the projects issue tracker you will find details of bugs and feature requests the project would like to work with, this should give you some inspiration about how you might be able to help the project community.

See ours Wiki pages to learn how to work in the OH community.

The Tutor Programme provides additional support and structure for people looking to make an initial contribution to OH project.

The Tutor Programme is not here to teach you to write documentation or code. It is here to help you understand how to make a valuable contribution to OH project. You can expect to be guided through our contribution processes. You can also expect to get technical support. You cannot expect your tutor to be a "teacher", they will provide enough information for you to progress within the project. You need to bring the confidence to take their guidance and discover the detail for yourself.

You can contact the OH project support staff at

Contributors e Committers

Anyone can be a contributor to OH project. Being a contributor simply means that you take an interest in the project and contribute in some way, ranging from asking sensible questions (which documents the project and provides feedback to developers) through to providing new features as patches.

A contributor, in particular, is a user who contributes to a project in the form of code or documentation. They take extra steps to participate in a project, are active on the developer mailing list, participate in discussions, provide patches, documentation, suggestions, and criticism.

If you become a valuable contributor to the project you may well be invited to become a committer. Committer was given the privilege of write access to the project repository and resources.

Becoming a contributor

The first step is to try the software. Accessing to GitHub you can download and start using OH 2.0 as a normal user . Try to use all software functions in order to understand in general terms the architecture. In the demo version you can change your role then seeing the different levels of functionality. By registering to become in effect a member of the community , participate in discussions and exchange of ideas , you can read and update the wiki .

The second step is to identify an issue (bug) and learn to understand if the issue has already been reported. If the issue has not yet been identified you can perform the creation of the issue

The third step is to develop a FIX for the issue by creating a clone from the official repository. implementing correction and submitting a "pull request" to the committers . Learn more at the page to learn the basics of using GitHub.


The Tutor Programme is intended to assist people in becoming contributors to OH project. Thus, anyone interested in contributing effort to OH project is a potential tutor. You need to be a self starter, your tutor will not take responsibility for "managing" your work here. Everyone who contributes to OH project does so on a voluntary basis, there are no managers here - only helpful peers.

Tutoring is a significant volunteer effort, over and above what the tutor is already doing for the project. Therefore, the programme asks tutors to make a material commitment of time to the process. There are no legally binding commitments involved, but a tutor must, as described below, submit a plan for a significant effort and show ongoing progress.

If you wish help for a tutor you can send an email to

Become a member of OH mailing, sign-up for our Wiki.


It is important to reiterate that all work on OH project is EXCLUSIVELY ON A VOLUNTEER BASIS. Informatici Senza Frontiere ONLUS does not pay anyone to tutor or contribute on committing.