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Open Hospital

Welcome to the Open Hospital Project web portal

Open Hospital Project was born from cooperation between Informatici Senza Frontiere and Dr. Mario Marsiaj, who has coordinated and supported St. Luke hospital in Angal for over 40 years.

St. Luke is a hospital founded about a century ago by the Comboni Fathers, the building is in a very poor rural region of northern Uganda, with a catchment area of about 120,000 people. The hospital has 280 beds divided into five wards: male, female, pediatrics, maternity, isolation. It is equipped with a laboratory for chemical and microbiological analysis, radiology and an operating room; the employees are 136 people.

The meeting with Informatici Senza Frontiere brought out the hospital need of computerized systems to allow and facilitate the daily operations management of e.g clinical cards, medicines in stock.

Open Hospital software was initially developed by a group of members of Informatici Senza Frontiere, in collaboration with students of  Volterra San Donà di Piave Technical highschool. Subsequently, the software was implemented at St Luke's Hospital and computer lectures were given to the hospital staff in order to make them autonomous at using PCs and the software.

Following the positive experience of Angal, where the software is still in use, further Open Hospital releases have been developed and the software has been installed in several other hospitals in Kenya, Afghanistan, Benin, Congo.

Open Hospital is the first project developed by Informatici Senza Frontiere, a project that has gone through many different stages, but it still have a great impact, and it continues to be fueled by the development and debugging process brought forward by an internal group of developers of ISF.

Currently the software is at its seventh release and it offers the following features:

  • Multi-user (with the possibility to enable / disable individual buttons within windows)
  • Extended Patient database (blood type, insurance, family names, notes, photos)
  • Historical Integrated Patient (with OPD, hospitalization, lab tests, administration)
  • Prescription therapies
  • Management of the Central Pharmacy Department
  • Patients management accounts (compilation and management of patient accounts through price lists)
  • Vaccines Database
  • Internal communication of events, reports and chat
  • Reports and statistics

Open Hospital 2.0 (OH 2.0)

This new community web site is a support for the 2.0 project version. The goal is, on one hand, to refactor the software developed so far and, on the other, the development of a web interface that will allow the software to be used from a normal and simple browser.

WSIS Prize 2016

Important recognition by the United Nations Agency for Information Technology and Communication: at the WSIS Forum 2016, Open Hospital was honored with a nomination for the WSIS Prize 2016 in the category e-Health.