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Open Hospital

How to contribute

If you are a software developer please read our “Quick start guide” into the Wiki. This tutorial may be useful to learn some task as: how to do download, how to install, how to meet the community of developers and how to make bigger the project.

Don't be afraid to jump in and get to work even if you don't consider yourself a great programmer! At least you can:

  1. download the software, run int, test it, forward it and send us your feedback
  2. contribute to complete the translations into various languages already active or contribute to activating a new

Download the software

You can download the software from  OH GitHub page . Your feedback is very important!

Providing Translations

OH has many user and administrative interfaces that must be translated to the various languages of the world. It is one of the unique values that a global community can bring to OH, and you are highly encouraged to participate to provide new or updated translations for your native language. It is also very satisfying and rewarding to see a product being used with your translations. 

Open Hospital is actually available in this languages:

  • English: default, complete
  • Portuguese: 30% complete
  • German: 60% complete
  • French: 84% complete
  • Swahili: 99% complete
  • Spanish: 99% complete
  • Italian: 95% complete
  • Arabic: 95% complete

To learn more, and join the team, write us at