Informatici Senza Frontiere

We are a nonprofit organization that aims to use computer skills as a tool to provide concrete help to those who live in poverty and marginalization as well as as a means to offer opportunities for social inclusion to these people.

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Our Mission

We work to bridge the digital divide and to stimulate individual and communal growth, helping anyone to embrace their own potential through knowledge and computer technology.

Spreading Knowledge

We organize free computer courses, in Italy and the rest of the world, for people living in marginalized conditions.

Computer Science for the Disabled

Through computer science, we strive to improve the living conditions of those who suffer from disability or illness.

Computer Science for Development

We promote the use of information technology in any sector: from medicine to education, from public institutions to private people’s lives.

In a changing world we propose a new use of smart, sustainable and solid technology.

We offer our time, our skills, experiences and passion to realize nonprofit projects, helping in marginalized, difficult and emergency situations in Italy and in developing countries.

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