Open Hospital

The free open source software created to help hospitals and NGO in developing countries to manage medical records.

Designed and developed by Informatici senza Frontiere, the project’s goal is to create a completely free and opensource software for helping developing countries to automate health centers with reduced costs, giving complete autonomy and flexibility when possible for customizations that could be implemented by the local technical staff.

How did the project start?

The software has fastly spread after first being used at St. Luke Hospital, in Uganda.

The reasons behind this success are to be found in the ability to give a fast and efficient response to the daily needs of medical facilties or organizations working in the health sector.

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Why joining the Open Hospital initiative and how to do that

Joining the Open Hospital initiative doesn’t only mean choosing a software: it’s about contributing to a project of development aimed at third world countries, and every intervention allows to boost benefits for all the medical facilities that are using the software.

The Open Hospital project generated from a sustainable development approach, where every actor involved produces a benefit with his action for the aread of the project: from sofwtare functionalities enrichment to improving the actions of healtcare workers in developing countries.

Are you a NGO working in developing countries?

The software allows to computerize patients’ data, visits, hospitalizations, medicines and laboratories for a better management of daily activities, consistent with a sustainable and democratic view of these tools.

Why installing OH in your medical facility

Are you a Java developer or programmer?

The software is opensource, so everyone can contribute to implement and improve the functionalities to meet health and medical needs.

How to become a volunteer

Are you a company involved in CSR projects?

Supporting OH allows to finance activities and costs necessary for the software development.

How to support the project

Informatici senza Frontiere

The creator of the Open Hospital software

The Open Hospital software is an initiative of Informatici senza Frontiere, a non-profit organization that aims to use computer skills as a tool to provide practical help to those who live in poverty and marginalization conditions, and as a way to provide opportunities of social inclusion to these people too.

Informatici senza Frontiere works to fill the digital divide and to boost individual and community growth, helping anyone to embrace their own potential through knowledge and computer technology.

Spreading Knowledge

We organize free computer courses, in Italy and the rest of the world, for people living in marginalized conditions.

Computer Science for the Disabled

Through computer science, we strive to improve the living conditions of those who suffer from disability or illness.

Computer Science for Development

We promote the use of information technology in any sector: from medicine to education, from public institutions to private people’s lives.

In a changing world we propose a new use of smart, sustainable and solid technology.

We offer our time, our skills, experiences and passion to realize nonprofit projects, helping in marginalized, difficult and emergency situations in Italy and in developing countries.

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