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Open Hospital community

OH community consists in individuals who share a common objective: support the mission of the project Open Hospital. OH is an open source software, developed selflessly (nonprofit), targeting health care stuctures in developing countries.

We really appreciate your interest and we hope this portal will help you to find your way to participate in the project, depending on your skills and on the amount of time you would like to spend.

The more you take the more you can give back

Surf the sections of the site to find out how you can help. You can already give us a really important feedback: tell us where the website is unclear or not sufficiently useful to introduce you to your tasks or if you believe that there is lack of information or support tools.

At first it is natural to think that you have little to offer to OH2.0. However you will be surprised to discover how much you can help, right now. Study in deep code and community. As of now you can ask questions and give us feedbacks to improve our way to engage new volunteers that will come after you, or tell us your opinion of the application architecture. Send your feedbacks to, we will surely be interested in your opinion.