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The open source software created to help hospitals, health facilities and NGOs in developing countries. Choose Open Hospital: it’s free and easy to use ! You can start using it by downloading it and after a simple installation procedure you will be ready to use it.

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Open Hospital 1.13.0

Open Hospital is a free and open-source Health Information Management System (HIMS) software application. Please visit the Open Hospital website for more information. Released on 21st of June 2023

Release Highlights

  • New! Patient Informed Consent
  • Arabic and Chinese (simplified) language support
  • Java 11 and Mariadb 10.6 upgrade
  • Full Dicom / Imaging support on x64 architectures
  • Interactive startup scripts for Windows and Linux
  • Improved security: password management, user locking/unlocking and idle timeout
  • Improved appointment management, with over booking check
  • Improved reports configuration and management
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • EXPERIMENTAL: responsive Dashboard with full distribution (core + gui + api + ui)


Alessandro Domanico, Andrei Dodu, Arnaud Foufou, Daniel Lopez, David Malkovsky, Joel Castigliola, Maurizio Bertoldi, Vahe Avetikyan, Intesys, Uni2grow Cameroun

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Special thanks to

Innovazione per lo Sviluppo, Fondazione CARIPLO & Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

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English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili

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Release notes 1.13.0 details (click to expand) # Release notes - Open Hospital - 1.13.0 This release includes a fix for [CVE-2023-20883: Spring Boot Welcome Page DoS Vulnerability]( ### Epic OP-902 OH2022 - GDPR and SEC 1/2 OP-1035 Patient Consensus Management 1/2 ### New Features OP-292 Created developer build releases OP-897 Spoofing 4/8 - Password tries [deactivable][configurable] (S04) OP-898 Spoofing 5/8 - Password idle [deactivable][configurable] (S05) OP-1036 Patient Consensus Flag OP-1038 Patient Consensus Service Flag OP-1072 Add "UNLOCK" function in the User Browser window for an administrator to unlock a user account OP-1105 Set database administrator username parametric in scripts ### Improvements OP-722 Add overall Visits validation per Patient and per Ward OP-889 GDPR 4/4 - Data accuracy (G13) OP-900 Spoofing 7/8 - Passwords transmission (S10) - Payload OP-1067 Review of LoginController code in API project OP-1068 Consolidate scripts for API / EXPERIMENTAL distribution OP-1076 Update "Security - Password Length [configurable] (S01)" OP-1094 Update JasperReports library to 6.20.5 OP-1101 OH GUI - default window name ### Bug Fixes OP-1060 Fix Swagger Authentication OP-1071 Set method acting like a get method OP-1073 The PatientExamination class defines auditing fields but doesn't extend from the Auditable class OP-1079 OH GUI Login window is not shown in windows list OP-1091 Fix window appearance upon labels sizes (translations) OP-1092 Incorrect table locked in load_demo_data.sql file OP-1093 SQL step file name is wrong OP-1095 Cannot delete user from UserBrowsingManager if they link ONLY to Session Audit table OP-1100 [API] Fix current user variable in MDC OP-1102 Remove extra classpath entries in startup scripts OP-1103 OH DB Container Startup Failure with "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed" Error OP-1104 Fix session audit update upon logout from UI OP-1106 Add missing tables in delete_all_data.sql file OP-1107 Fix default values for WRD_ID referenced fields OP-1116 Fix currency changes notifications
Code changelogs (click to expand) - [Core component changelog]( - [Gui component changelog]( - [Doc component changelog]( - [Api component changelog]( - [Ui component changelog](
SHA256 release packages checksums (click to expand) ``` af9e1360a8e5ae90846fdb859c76f825b096c7cedd7d718811fb1b1a8c5be29b 8293dd20df3d6c8d37c0d835184fb095f0708ee69bb789cc0cb49ce6426b3b3a 0078db37e594319b5637b01bec4fa024057c9aaad656c124eb2ef82f7309a6f0 1824d736492b60888ae0e65a821362ff03bd0f7eb5a58c0fcbfa5a48b7c09b4c OpenHospital-v1.13.0-linux_i686-portable.tar.gz 73b6e6e0ccf691b5aa3969e817883f3e6e6a867ae1f54483b1e5e09874141fc3 OpenHospital-v1.13.0-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.gz 52be08d11adfc28a5f8b142b54b1708a18f8082cc2e3abcfb3efbb55718c342a ```
Contributors (click to expand) @AceGentile @AndreiDodu @AndreiDoduISF @ArnaudFonzam @GraninNikita @MartinezX21 @MrQwenty @SilverD3 @SteveGT96 @Verdoso @adrienne3500 @alefalezza @alekseykashytsa @alexwibowo @almeida1492 @andreafalco1991 @asteriaxx @averni @axelpezzo @brian-heumann @brktbelete @dbmalkovsky @dependabot-preview[bot] @dependabot[bot] @dnlebgwa @dumisani-ln @elvisciuffetelli @emecas @estromsnes @fstorz @gasp @geco17 @gildasdongmo @giuseppesorge @goto-eof @joel-costigliola @larsgrefer @marcellintabou @mizzioisf @mwithi @nicolaburetta @nicopunzi @nlazzer1 @npasquetto @pranik @pviotti @simobasso @tomek39856 @tommasomoroni @torrespro @transifex-integration[bot] @tsognong @vir8wh47 @xrmx

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