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Open Hospital v1.12.0

Open Hospital is a free and open source software developed by Informatici Senza Frontiere to support the management of hospitals and health centers in every part of the world. Over 50 developers of 11 different nationalities have greatly improved and enhanced the software, contributing to the development of an important tool to provide sustainable and universal health care for everyone.

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Release notes v1.12.0 details (click to expand) # Release notes - Open Hospital - 1.12.0 ### New Feature OP-97 Anamnesis module (ex SourceForge #43) OP-701 [New feature] User Logout and Timeout (Automatic Logout) OP-705 [OH-GUI] Add possibility to login by typing the username instead of selecting from a list OP-707 [New Feature] OPD as a Ward OP-875 Link bills -> Admissions or OPD OP-894 Spoofing 1/8 - Password Length [configurable] (S01) OP-895 Spoofing 2/8 - Password strength [deactivable][configurable] (S02) OP-910 [GUI] Add print button for Operations in Main Menu \ Reports OP-962 SESSION table for logged users OP-1014 Add DB support (CSV) for Arabic language ### Improvement OP-138 Patient Photo to File System Repository OP-213 Add search field for OPD records OP-332 Replace iText (from lowagie) with OpenPDF (from librepdf) OP-348 Difficult visualization - date search field - OH GUI OP-576 Filter BillManager table upon cashier (user) selection OP-684 [OH-GUI] HELP should provide links to online doc OP-696 [OH-GUI] [BillBrowser] Patient's Statement report to use selected patient OP-704 [OH-GUI] Add search box for Operations in OPD and Admission tabs OP-721 [OH-GUI] Add built-in ward "OPD" for visits (will result in VST_WRD_ID_A = null) OP-725 [OH-GUI] Improve the display of the logged in user OP-831 Database (mariadb) upgrade OP-854 Upgrade to Java 11 OP-901 Spoofing 8/8 - To implement logout after timeout (S13) OP-905 Wrap the button bar on windows when the window is made smaller (instead of truncating the list of buttons) OP-973 Use new image package to scale images OP-975 Make all Service managers accessible with @Autowire OP-976 Make all Manager objects class variables with standard names OP-977 [OH-GUI] To allow "types" and User Group changes OP-980 [OH-GUI] Image file loader improvements OP-989 [OH-GUI] Improve LabEdit and LabEditExtended gui OP-1002 [OH GUI] Add "createdBy" column in MovStockBrowser OP-1007 For "New OPD Registration" if no "remembered ward" and there is only one OPD ward set the Ward combobox to that value ### Task OP-106 Update expiring libraries OP-159 NEW - OpenHospital Distribution 2.0 OP-274 Factorize 'Date From' and 'Date To' labels OP-370 OPERATIONROW table: OPER_ID_A and OPER_ID are inverted OP-527 Inconsistent column definition OP-734 [OH-CORE] MariaDB 10.4.x and mariadb-java-client 2.7.4 OP-746 Update the mysql driver class to the latest version OP-747 Remove extraneous message from merge patients validation code OP-758 When there are no pages in a generated report just show the message and not the empty report too OP-761 To drop OPD_DATE_VIS field after OP-760 OP-779 [OH-CORE] Remove fields ADM_OPE_ID_A, ADM_DATE_OP, ADM_RESOP OP-781 To drop LAB_EXAM_DATE field after OP-774 OP-845 Laboratory button in Admission/Patient OP-885 Denial of Service 2/2 - User input data type validation (D02) OP-943 Update Excel exporter to avoid "unsafe" warning message OP-955 Remove unused code from OperationList OP-968 Some tests fail locally with JDK11 on Windows OP-979 [OH-GUI] Change "New Admittance" for OPD into "New Attendance" OP-982 Provide a generic "DICOM Type" in empty DB OP-991 To verify @OneToOne(cascade = CascadeType.ALL, orphanRemoval = true) in Patient OP-998 Remove duplicate definition of spring-cloud-starter-openfeign from GUI project OP-1008 Clarify New Attendance and Re-Attendance fields OP-1009 To complete [Accounting] doc OP-1013 To improve the OPD Next Visit workflow ### Sub-task OP-240 JCalendars in 'Statistics' (dates from GUI to reports) OP-314 DICOM on Windows 64bit OP-347 Update DICOM libraries OP-706 [OH-GUI] Change "DICOM" to more general "Imaging" OP-819 Update dateto and datefrom fields for Lab Browser, Vaccine Browser, and OPD Browser OP-820 Add visit duration, start hour, end hour, and increment properties for TimePicker OP-844 DICOM button in Admission/Patient OP-852 Update dateTo and dateFrom for Pharmacy -> Pharmaceutical Stock OP-857 Update new date/time chooser widget OP-860 Change date/time chooser widget in OPD New/Edit/Delete dialogs when OPDEXTENDED is no OP-866 Change date/time widget in Pharmaceutical Stock Charge and Discharge dialogs OP-872 Change date picker in ReportLauncher OP-874 Fix time rendering for Admission/Patient -> Admission (Admission and Discharge Date/Time) OP-876 Change date/time chooser widget in Admission/Patient -> Examination window OP-877 Change date chooser widget in Admission/Patient -> Data -> Malnutrition Control -> New OP-878 Change date chooser for Admission and Discharge Date in Patient Browser OP-880 Change date pickers on Delivery panel on Admission/Patient -> Admission OP-881 Update age handling/display in New/Edit Patient (when extended is yes) OP-882 Change date/time chooser widget in New/Edit OPD Registration OP-883 Change date/time chooser and format in Operation tab of Edit Admission Record OP-903 Change date chooser on Pharmacy->Pharmaceuticals->StockCard OP-904 Change date choosers on Pharmacy->Pharmaceuticals Stock Ward OP-907 Change date choosers on Admission/Patient->Clinical Sheet->Launch Report OP-909 Add visit duration to Ward table OP-912 Change date/time chooser for New/Edit Laboratory when LABEXTENDED=no and LABMULTIPLEINSERT=no OP-913 Change date/time chooser for New/Edit Laboratory when LABEXTENDED=yes and LABMULTIPLEINSERT=no OP-914 Change date/time chooser for New Laboratory when LABEXTENDED=yes and LABMULTIPLEINSERT=yes OP-916 Change date/time chooser for Worksheet->Add Visit and Admission/Patient->Therapy->Add Visit OP-918 Change date chooser for Admission/Patient->Therapy->Add Therapy OP-920 Improve year formatting and use LocalDateTime directly OP-921 Remove joda time from project OP-924 Standardize year formatting in Stock Movement Browser OP-925 Change date chooser for Accounting->Bill Manager OP-927 Change date/time chooser for Settings->SMS Manager and SMS Manager->New OP-930 Change date chooser for Pharmacy->Pharmaceutical Stock Ward->go to Drugs tab-> Report button->Select a report by date OP-932 Remove unused date/time chooser classes OP-933 Change date chooser for Pharmacy->Pharmaceuticals->Stock->Report by date->Select any report->OK OP-944 Change date choosers for Ward Pharmacy -> Rectify -> New Lot -> Lot Information OP-957 Remove CustomJDateChooser from PatientBillEdit class OP-958 Remove CustomJDateChooser from ShowPreLoading class OP-959 Remove CustomJDateChooser and LocalDateSupportingJDateChooser after all usages are removed OP-966 Remove display of seconds values in various dialogs and windows OP-967 DICOM data to be Local independent OP-969 Replace/Remove JPEGImageReader because no longer provided in jdk11 ### Bug Fix OP-328 Hospital data window requires double click to activate buttons on Linux x64 OP-687 [OH-GUI] Fix waiting cursor for patient search OP-723 [OH-CORE] Sorting is failing in Admission/Patient \ Data, while it is working in Admission/Patient \ Clinical Sheet OP-727 User table name must change as it is a SQL keyword OP-745 BillManager not showing bills other than today date OP-751 Wrong date format for VoDateTextField OP-775 Patient Data dialog not showing dates for the Exams tab OP-776 The month date conversion in OPD Browser is off by 1 OP-821 Getting date with additional month was using the current month to calculate the last day of the month OP-826 Wrong property parameter in MOH717_Monthly_Workload_Report_for_Hospitals_page2b.jxrml OP-870 Title is wrong on Admission/Patient -> Edit dialog when PATIENTEXTENDED=no OP-873 Fix time rendering for OPD -> New OPD Registration OP-879 Patient Photo Size OP-906 GUI tests won't run with Spring 5 and JUnit 5 (jupiter) OP-908 Fix bad merge after 1.11.3 in PatientFolderBrowser OP-915 Year picker on Patient Bills Management doesn't change the "to" year OP-919 Worksheet too small when Admission/Patient->Therapy->Worksheet OP-922 Formatting exceptions generating reports with Pharmacy->Pharmaceuticals->Expiring OP-923 Formatting exceptions generating reports with Accounting->Bill Manager->Report OP-926 Fix DateTimeParseException exception when generating a report from the Drugs Tab of Patient Data OP-928 Error evaluating expression for source text: $F{date} in OP-929 Fix "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot format given Object as a Date" when generating a report OP-931 If SMSENABLED=no then remove SMS Manager from Settings menu OP-939 [OH-GUI] Wards' list problem in Worksheet OP-940 OPD date should NOT be updated on edit OP-941 [OH-GUI] OPD No. already exists upon OPD edit OP-942 Pharmaceuticals double edit causes "the data has been updated by someone else" OP-945 Excel exporter needs connection open (no autocommit) OP-946 IllegalArgumentException in Pharmaceutical Stock when filtering by lot date OP-947 [OH-GUI] Fix Excel Report in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-948 Wrong Drugs calculation in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-949 Error when creating new lots in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-950 Wrong range selection in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-953 Wrong table column headers; the last two are switched OP-956 OPD edit from Admission/Patient \ Data is not updating in memory model OP-961 NPE when trying to generate a tooltip when trying to load a jpg into the DICOM viewer OP-963 [OH-GUI] Height and Weight values inverted in Patient Data OP-970 Move literal string to resource bundle in Ward Browser OP-971 Use TimeTools.truncateToSeconds() when returning dateTimes that could be null OP-974 [OH-CORE] @Transactional methods in manager not catching Hibernate's translated execptions OP-981 [DICOM] Series for JPEGs OP-983 Index out of bounds error when changing the filter Select type in the Exam Browser OP-984 Switching to a specific disease type and then switching back to ALL in Disease Browser doesn't work OP-985 Not possible to save an Exam of type "Procedure 2" with all negative results OP-986 Getting the contents of the Ward column when it is OPD in Patient Data and other wards exist causes an error OP-987 OP-138 causes getPatientById to update at each read OP-988 [OH-GUI] Confusing check when" Type 1" has not default value set OP-996 Object is always null when calling medicalBrowsingManager.updateMedical() OP-1000 [OH-GUI] "Payment in the future" upon PAID OP-1003 DB ProfilePicture persists upon Patient deletion OP-1004 MedicalStockMov Charge movement has no time field OP-1006 Statistics tab throws a "setSelectedIndex: 12 out of bounds" exception OP-1010 When SINGLEUSER=yes the LOGOUT button should Exit the application OP-1012 Correct the saving of edited OPD record as it is driven by a next visit being specified OP-1023 NPE when creating the Clinical Sheet window OP-1026 Missing anamnesis related property strings in OP-1027 Missing property string in resource bundle for Ward Browser OP-1028 Incorrect test for missing time when creating a visit in OPD extended


0cb41a836e9823a7788bda3973e3c9c1458bd7748d7800ee6a05d1801cd0de55  OpenHospital-v1.12.0-linux_i686-portable.tar.gz
a6eacac74322faef65282883588e115dcfd7e8247ff4b1f13ff787d4cf945b2b  OpenHospital-v1.12.0-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.gz

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