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The open source software created to help hospitals, health facilities and NGOs in developing countries. Choose Open Hospital: it’s free and easy to use ! You can start using it by downloading it and after a simple installation procedure you will be ready to use it.

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Open Hospital v1.14.0

Open Hospital is a free and open-source Health Information Management System (HIMS) software application. Please visit the Open Hospital website for more information. Released on 18/02/2024

Release Highlights

  • Update to Java 17
  • First Release API+UI (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • (New!) Telemetry module
  • Albanian Language support / translation
  • German language support
  • Default credentials suggestion box
  • Feature to help user to find application logs
  • Add startup scripts for MacOS
  • DELETE last movement in Pharmaceutical Stock
  • DELETE last movement in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward
  • A lot of bug fixes 🙂


@Whole Open Hospital Community ❤ (see the complete list below)

Special thanks to:

@dbmalkovsky, @emecas, @massimiliano for macOS, Th0rst3nH for Java17 bump, for Chinese (simplified), Perparim Osmanaj for Albanian and German, Stefania Bergo for graphics.

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English, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili

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Release notes v1.14.0 details (click to expand) # Release notes - Open Hospital - 1.14.0 ### Epic OP-1016 Update to Java 17 OP-135 First Release API+UI (EXPERIMENTAL) ### New Features OP-312 (New!) Telemetry module OP-1129 Albanian Language support / translation OP-1142 German language support OP-1141 Default credentials suggestion box OP-1168 Feature to help user to find application logs OP-1170 Add startup scripts for MacOS OP-1020 DELETE last movement in Pharmaceutical Stock OP-1169 DELETE last movement in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward ### Improvements OP-1050 Update of demo data with new info and prices OP-1096 OH GUI icons and images enhancement OP-1126 Add helper message in Worksheet OP-1134 Support for automatic font selection for the chosen language OP-1156 Update demo data with consistent "AGE" across all tables OP-1160 Replace old library rxtxSerial.dll with jSerialComm OP-1164 Update to dcm4che 5.31.2 library OP-1173 Update native libraries for dcm4che 5.31.2 OP-1167 Add log entry for unexpected condition in lot management ### Bug Fixes OP-336 contextLoads Tests in OpenHospitalApiApplicationTests (API) is failing only in Eclipse, but passing using mvn test OP-782 Fix OPD Chart report not translated OP-1116 Fix currency changes notifications OP-1119 Fix mismatched column and values in demo data for OH_LABORATORY table OP-1121 Fix jar version into dockerfile.backend OP-1124 Fix variable operationsAll never has a value assigned OP-1127 Fix demo data with VST_DURATION = 0 (must be positive) OP-1128 Show error message if visit time is not valid OP-1135 Missing description field while editing Admission Type after an error happens OP-1136 Add diagnosis validation upon Admission and Discharge OP-1137 Add diagnosis validation upon OPD save/update OP-1138 Fix NPE when user does not exist OP-1140 Height and Weight should be non-zero OP-1146 Small fixes in documentation OP-1159 Fix patient's profile picture load from FS upon Admission/Clinical Sheet/Reports OP-1161 Fix column name in extra/hmis108 report OP-1162 Fix New Lab dialog generates ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException OP-1165 Fix circular reference in jpaConfig OP-1166 Fix lot validation when AUTOMATICLOT_IN=false and AUTOMATICLOT_OUT=true OP-1177 Fix opening Settings \ Types \ Movement Stock Type OP-1179 Update org.apache.log4j.DailyRollingFileAppender ### Tasks OP-1017 Migrate core to Java17 OP-1018 Migrate gui to Java17 OP-1019 Migrate api to Java17 OP-1042 Optimize API jar package OP-1074 Upgrading jwt in API project to 4.x.x per dependabot OP-1075 Remove the old way of tracking revisions in the code OP-1111 Make load_demo_data script to contain only data OP-1120 Check the validity of the code OP-1122 Added .env on .gitignore file OP-1123 Move the org.isf.utils.treetable package from Core to GUI OP-1125 Move the org.isf.utils.table package from Core to the GUI project OP-1130 Improve JPA related methods OP-1143 Update doc to Java17 OP-1144 Update build to Java17 OP-1163 dcm4che jars starting with 5.31.1 require JDK 17 OP-1174 Update maven.yml file OP-1175 Update the short-key for Pharmaceutical Stock Discharge button OP-1176 Update the Message Dialog in Pharmaceutical Stock Delete button ### Sub-tasks OP-952 Telemetry collector server OP-1015 Test Telemetry module OP-1139 Document Telemetry module OP-1178 Refine deletion for Ward, Medical, Lot and Date
Code changelogs (click to expand) - [Core component changelog]( - [Gui component changelog]( - [Doc component changelog](
SHA256 release packages checksums (click to expand) ``` d8bc41069569f21fb17179e5b8901dab8eaef703f5252751227c5da0740982ba 90fb970a5ba1bdf836b303036da8d091d935e0bcb228decc54f067108a4b4c11 422ec924df977272f865f772ac4698f06b9c1b0bd8057328732e5c992c94b4f8 a5f0ff7c0712e75f630b44df9461ffaa5ea02793892d3e8075ab7105e67eedb4 OpenHospital-v1.14.0-linux_i686-portable.tar.gz 5fad332dbff4cbf180a6ea051ff8f0be61d09c6b5dca167abbaa6633edf33e3f OpenHospital-v1.14.0-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.gz 8b1efffedefd798c1dd93f84cf081d0850768d8868904fc14fde913942536f38 ```
Contributors (click to expand) @AceGentile @AndreiDodu @AndreiDoduISF @ArnaudFonzam @GraninNikita @MartinezX21 @MrQwenty @SilverD3 @SteveGT96 @Th0rst3nH @Tudor44 @Verdoso @adrienne3500 @alefalezza @alekseykashytsa @alexwibowo @almeida1492 @andreafalco1991 @averni @axelpezzo @brian-heumann @dbmalkovsky @dependabot-preview[bot] @dependabot[bot] @dnlebgwa @dumisani-ln @elvisciuffetelli @emecas @estromsnes @fstorz @gasp @gildasdongmo @giuseppesorge @goodcodeproject @goto-eof @joel-costigliola @larsgrefer @loique70 @marcellintabou @massimilianoregis @mizzioisf @mwithi @nicolaburetta @nicopunzi @nlazzer1 @npasquetto @pranik @pviotti @simobasso @tlidowski @tomek39856 @tommasomoroni @torrespro @transifex-integration[bot] @tsognong @vir8wh47 @xrmx

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