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The open source software created to help hospitals, health facilities and NGOs in developing countries. Choose Open Hospital: it’s free and easy to use ! You can start using it by downloading it and after a simple installation procedure you will be ready to use it.

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Open Hospital v1.12.1

Released on 07 April 2023

Open Hospital is a free and open-source Health Information Management System (HIMS) software application. Please visit the Open Hospital website for more information.

Release Highlights

  • improved Stock Movement Browser filter layout
  • added SQL update scripts from older OH versions
  • documentation and language pack updates
  • minor bugs fixes - see release notes for more details


@mwithi @dbmalkovsky @nlazzer1 @mizzioisf (see the complete list below)

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English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili

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Release notes v1.12.1 details (click to expand) ### Release notes - Open Hospital - 1.12.1 #### New Features OP-1033 [scripts] Make PORTABLE mode to start BOTH gui and api server #### Improvements OP-1041 Improve release process and documentation review OP-1046 Improve Stock Movement Browser filter layout OP-1057 Version upgrade procedure and documentation #### Bug Fixes OP-1032 [scripts] Fix "v" option to show the actual configuration (DATABASE PORT) OP-1034 [scripts] Fix option "-S" to "S" in the script help OP-1044 Fix Statistics menu size OP-1045 Fix Clinical Sheet report OP-1047 Fix Stock Movement Browser dates filter layout OP-1048 Fix missing column in report OH009 OP-1049 Fix reports resource bundles OP-1059 Fix Admission Diagnosis IN (cannot be null)
Code changelogs (click to expand) - [Core component changelog]( - [Gui component changelog]( - [Doc component changelog]( - [Api component changelog]( - [Ui component changelog](
SHA256 release packages checksums (click to expand) ``` befb358e8ec8e3b2d279095fb51586673a7e023250eee3e1798655a85d60c982 21f8a7a607f5fc9a5697460bdac7ff0cf658c6ede312268bfc9b643a524a520f f8ad67b98a5fc32566691c1d21701751ca3b67fc2386ede6db4317af41081b12 de660e1f6955ca0f8670944c57c349579083bbf23ab6fba1a2a1d15b15cb4e2e OpenHospital-v1.12.1-linux_i686-portable.tar.gz 181a60206cace574e5f035049755ddcb8e5fedcc1bfd27bb594cf667460c7c3f OpenHospital-v1.12.1-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.gz 071b0aed80ec19c64f0e6e9fa904e93f094eed5798b49b80a46078f6c153e7bb ```
Contributors (click to expand) @AceGentile @AndreiDodu @AndreiDoduISF @ArnaudFonzam @GraninNikita @MartinezX21 @MrQwenty @SilverD3 @SteveGT96 @adrienne3500 @alefalezza @alekseykashytsa @alexwibowo @almeida1492 @andreafalco1991 @asteriaxx @averni @axelpezzo @brian-heumann @brktbelete @dbmalkovsky @dependabot-preview[bot] @dependabot[bot] @dnlebgwa @dumisani-ln @elvisciuffetelli @emecas @estromsnes @fstorz @geco17 @gildasdongmo @giuseppesorge @goto-eof @larsgrefer @marcellintabou @mizzioisf @mwithi @nicolaburetta @nicopunzi @nlazzer1 @npasquetto @pranik @pviotti @simobasso @tomek39856 @tommasomoroni @torrespro @transifex-integration[bot] @tsognong @vir8wh47 @xrmx

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