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The open source software created to help hospitals, health facilities and NGOs in developing countries. Choose Open Hospital: itโ€™s free and easy to use ! You can start using it by downloading it and after a simple installation procedure you will be ready to use it.

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Open Hospital v1.12.0

Open Hospital ( is a free and open-source Health Information Management System (HIMS) software application. Released on 07 February 2023

Release Highlights

  • Arabic language support
  • Upgrade to Java 11 and Mariadb 10.6 database support
  • Linux Ubuntu 22.10 and Windows 11 support
  • Full Dicom / Imaging support on x64 architectures
  • Interactive startup scripts for Windows and Linux
  • Feature to load custom reports from external folder
  • Improved overall security settings and configuration
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Improved website and documentation
  • EXPERIMENTAL: First full distribution (core + gui + api + ui)
  • a lot of bug fixes ๐Ÿ™‚

Credits: Alessandro Domanico, Andrei Dodu, David Malkovksy, Intesys, Nicole Lazzeri, mizzio, Paolo Viotti, Uni2grow (see the complete list below) Special thanks to: Antonio Jurado, Stefania Bergo Brought to you by Informatici Senza Frontiere

Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili Brought to you by Transifex community

Release notes v1.12.0 details (click to expand) # Release notes - Open Hospital - 1.12.0 ### New Features OP-97 New Anamnesis module OP-138 Patient Photo to File System Repository OP-159 New Open Hospital EXPERIMENTAL package OP-701 User Logout and Timeout (Automatic Logout) OP-705 Add option to login by typing the username instead of selecting from a list OP-707 Add feature to create more OPD wards OP-845 Add Laboratory button in Admission / Patient window OP-875 Feature to link Bills with Admissions or OPD OP-909 Add visit duration to Ward table OP-910 Add print button for Operations in Main Menu \ Reports OP-962 Session database table for logged users OP-981 Dicom series studies for JPEGs images in the same folder OP-999 Add feature to load custom reports from external folder OP-1014 Add support for Arabic language ### Improvements OP-213 Add search fields for OPD records OP-314 DICOM on Windows 64bit OP-347 Update DICOM libraries OP-348 User interface improvement for all search fields and calendars OP-576 Filter Bill Manager table upon cashier (user) selection OP-684 Add option to view online doc OP-696 Patient's Statement report on the selected patient OP-704 Search box for Operations tabs in OPD and Admission window OP-706 Change "DICOM" to more general "Imaging" OP-725 Better display of the logged in user OP-831 Database (mariadb) upgrade OP-854 Upgrade to Java 11 OP-885 Security - User input data type validation (D02) OP-894 Security - Password Length [configurable] (S01) OP-895 Security - Password strength [deactivable][configurable] (S02) OP-901 Security - Automatic logout after timeout (S13) OP-905 Wrap the button bar on windows when the window is made smaller (instead of truncating the list of buttons) OP-969 Replace/Remove JPEGImageReader because no longer provided in jdk11 OP-977 Allow "Types" and "User Group" changes OP-980 Image file loader improvements OP-989 Improve LabEdit and LabEditExtended layout OP-1002 Add "createdBy" column in MovStockBrowser OP-1013 Improved the OPD Next Visit workflow ### Bug Fixes OP-328 Hospital data window requires double click to activate buttons on Linux x64 OP-687 Fix waiting cursor for patient search OP-723 Fix failing sorting in Admission/Patient \ Data, OP-727 Changed user table name as it is a SQL keyword OP-745 BillManager not showing bills other than today date OP-751 Wrong date format for VoDateTextField OP-775 Patient Data dialog not showing dates for the Exams tab OP-776 The month date conversion in OPD Browser is off by 1 OP-821 Getting date with additional month was using the current month to calculate the last day of the month OP-826 Wrong property parameter in MOH717_Monthly_Workload_Report_for_Hospitals_page2b.jxrml OP-870 Title is wrong on Admission/Patient \ Edit dialog when PATIENTEXTENDED=no OP-873 Fix time rendering for OPD \ New OPD Registration OP-879 Patient profile picture size limited to 4096 bytes OP-906 GUI tests won't run with Spring 5 and JUnit 5 (jupiter) OP-908 Fix bad merge after 1.11.3 in PatientFolderBrowser OP-915 Year picker on Patient Bills Management doesn't change the "to" year OP-919 Worksheet too small when Admission/Patient \ Therapy \ Worksheet OP-922 Formatting exceptions generating reports with Pharmacy \ Pharmaceuticals \ Expiring OP-923 Formatting exceptions generating reports with Accounting \ Bill Manager \ Report OP-926 Fix DateTimeParseException exception when generating a report from the Drugs Tab of Patient Data OP-928 Error evaluating expression for source text: $F{date} in OP-929 Fix "IllegalArgumentException: Cannot format given Object as a Date" when generating a report OP-931 If SMSENABLED=no then remove SMS Manager from Settings menu OP-939 Wards' list problem in Worksheet OP-940 OPD date should NOT be updated on edit OP-941 OPD No. already exists upon OPD edit OP-942 Pharmaceuticals double edit causes "the data has been updated by someone else" OP-945 Excel exporter needs connection open (no autocommit) OP-946 IllegalArgumentException in Pharmaceutical Stock when filtering by lot date OP-947 Fix Excel Report in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-948 Wrong Drugs calculation in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-949 Error when creating new lots in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-950 Wrong range selection in Pharmaceutical Stock Ward OP-953 Wrong table column headers; the last two are switched OP-956 OPD edit from Admission/Patient \ Data is not updating in memory model OP-961 NPE when trying to generate a tooltip when trying to load a jpg into the DICOM viewer OP-963 Height and Weight values inverted in Patient Data OP-968 Fix some tests failing locally with JDK11 on Windows OP-970 Move literal string to resource bundle in Ward Browser OP-971 Use TimeTools.truncateToSeconds() when returning dateTimes that could be null OP-974 @Transactional methods in manager not catching Hibernate's translated execptions OP-979 Change "New Admittance" for OPD into "New Attendance" OP-983 Index out of bounds error when changing the filter Select type in the Exam Browser OP-984 Switching to a specific disease type and then switching back to ALL in Disease Browser doesn't work OP-985 Not possible to save an Exam of type "Procedure 2" with all negative results OP-986 Getting the contents of the Ward column when it is OPD in Patient Data and other wards exist causes an error OP-987 getPatientById to update at each read (caused by OP-138) OP-988 Confusing check when Exam "Type 1" has not default value set OP-996 Object is always null when calling medicalBrowsingManager.updateMedical() OP-1000 Fix wrong "Payment in the future" upon PAID OP-1003 DB ProfilePicture persists upon Patient deletion OP-1004 MedicalStockMov Charge movement has no time field OP-1006 Statistics tab throws a "setSelectedIndex: 12 out of bounds" exception OP-1007 Fix "remembered ward" in OPD OP-1010 When SINGLEUSER=yes the LOGOUT button should Exit the application OP-1012 Correct the saving of edited OPD record as it is driven by a next visit being specified OP-1023 NPE when creating the Clinical Sheet window OP-1026 Missing anamnesis related property strings in OP-1027 Missing property string in resource bundle for Ward Browser OP-1028 Incorrect test for missing time when creating a visit in OPD extended OP-1031 OH-GUI - Error when canceling login window
Code changelogs (click to expand) - [Core component changelog]( - [Gui component changelog]( - [Doc component changelog](
SHA256SUM checksum (click to expand) ``` 8d1da2f0a2d52db6856e6b2fe3ed479564d0e204311feb28d557b28fd307ad8c 9080a32004a0a88077fe421c0af9ad085f63d7fb7d0fac2e8127630b1cd7738f 252776fde18400f2327710102d5ba20592b4bf9470ace6005e4dcb24caa39dc3 0cb41a836e9823a7788bda3973e3c9c1458bd7748d7800ee6a05d1801cd0de55 OpenHospital-v1.12.0-linux_i686-portable.tar.gz a6eacac74322faef65282883588e115dcfd7e8247ff4b1f13ff787d4cf945b2b OpenHospital-v1.12.0-linux_x86_64-portable.tar.gz 8f91050989ba02b0288a879f23f29d2f213506f31ad60bc123fdee9a82882394 ```
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