Join the Open Hospital community!

There are many ways to get involved and contribute to the development of the Open Hospital project.  Download the software or start reading the technical documentation. Apply your skills and join our community, or make a donation!

Why Open-Source Software?

Because it has easy maintainability, no installation costs, and leverages the skills of developers who put their expertise at the disposal of the project.  The open source code of Open Hospital grants the possibility of personalization and continuous evolution of the software.

Who Can Contribute?

Software developers and IT professional or simply enthusiasts of computer science and programming but also those who do not have a high level of technical skills can contribute to the growth of the project. Start reading the technical documentation.

How to Contribute?

You can work directly on the code or participate in the roadmap discussions; you can submit a detailed bug report or answer questions and requests; you can create specific documentation or share new ideas; you can send feedback or just participate with translations.

Technical Documentation for developers

How to become a contributor in four simple steps:

01. Download the Software

The first step to becoming a contributor is to download the software

02. Try It Out

Choose PORTABLE distribution/mode, where you can explore the various levels of functionality, or load the DEMO data to test the software with a real scenario, where you can simulate the work of a normal user.

03. Identify an Issue

You are ready to identify issues and see if they have already been reported on our bug tracking system. If the bug has not yet been identified, you can create a new issue documenting the findings or proposals.

04. Create a Fix

If you are familiar with sofware programming and with the JAVA language, you can work on the code base in order to develop a fix for the issue. You can create a clone of the official repositories, implement the correction and submitting a “pull request” to the COMMITTERS.

The Open Hospital community

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Who is the Committer?

The developert that has direct access to the official OH code repositories.

What is The Role of The Committer?

The role of the Committer is to review and eventually approve the contributions proposed by the Contributors.

How to Become a Committer?

After developing a positive history of contributions, testing or tutoring activities, you can became an Open Hospital Committer !

Why Contribute to the Development of Open Hospital?

For Education or Passion

Learning web development, coding in java or sharing your knowledge and skills can represent an important contributions to the growth of the project, in order to share the benefits with an increasing number of users.

With the Community

Using a tutoring program to help you quickly get involved in the project, wher you will be able to share innovative ideas and propose improvements within a vibrant and active community.

For Ethical Reasons

By improving the management standards of hospital facilities in rural areas, where the provisioning of sustainable health services is challenging.

To Test Your Skills

Regardless of what your contribution is, it might be important for the project and for the end users; it is also a useful way to achieve new technical or test your personal skills within an open and innovative community.

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