Support Open Hospital!

There are many ways to support the development, growth and diffusion of the Open Hospital project. You can donate to the project, get involved, download the software, or contact us.


How to Support OH?

You can donate to the project! You can also help us by testing the software, translating into other languages, or even get involved in the development of the sofware.

Who can Contribute?

Anyone: public institutions, NGOs, private companies as well as individuals. Anyone that wants to support the project. You don’t have to be a computer expert be an important resource!

Why supporting OH?

To help us achieve better and more accessible health service in developing countries, by providing a software that can support the activities of hospitals and health centers.

How to Get Started?

Make a small donation to the project: every resource is useful!

Open Hospital:
A Challenge to Social Issues for Individuals and Companies

Corporate Social Responsibility

By supporting an Open Hospital project, your company can develop, promote achieve an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

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Social Innovation

Thanks a concrete and effective contribution to Open Hospital, the company can benefit from an innovative and creative approach to  the solution of social impact issues.

Tax Deductions

Private companies and individuals who decide to support financially Open Hospital may have the opportunity to benefit from government tax and fiscal incentives.


Through the support of skilled professionals  it is possible to boost the evolution of Open Hospital while promoting a sustainable and inclusive software development culture. The professionals involved will greatly benefit from the teamwork collaboration of the Open Hospital community.

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