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The free open source management software created to help hospitals and NGOs in developing countries. Choose Open Hospital: it’s free and it takes one click to be downloaded and installed on your computer, ready for use.

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Who Is It For?

Hospital structures and non-governmental organizations operating in the poorest areas of the world.

What Does It Do?

The software allows you to computerize patient data, visits, admissions, medicines and laboratories for better day-to-day management.

How Much Does It Cost?

The software is completely free for anyone interested in downloading it.

How Do I Use It?

You can quickly download and install the software on your PC and start using it immediately. The Administrator’s Manual and the User’s Guide help you to set up the most common settings if needed.

Four Reasons to Use Open Hospital at Your Hospital

01. It Is Free

Open Hospital is licensed with GPLv2 and it’s open-source; it means that you may customize it for the specific needs of your project.

02. It Is Easy to Install and Use

Designed and developed from the demands of direct beneficiaries, Open Hospital minimizes the knowledge required for its use and learning, suitable for those structures that do not have high qualifications or immediate support available. Why wait? Adopt Open Hospital

03. Low Training and Maintenance Costs

Structuring and digitizing data is a difficult process that we know well. The software must support this process and stay out of the way of the user. Open Hospital achieves this goal in a very short amount of time with minimum maintenance required. Backups? They are as simple as copying a folder.

04. Gradually Digitize Your Hospital by Modules

Digitization of clinical data is not just software and technology, it is also a long process requiring cultural change. Thanks to the software modularity, the facility can be up and running quickly and grow, gradually, over time without a huge up-front investment in time and effort.

Used for the first time in the St. Luke Hospital in Uganda, it has rapidly grown in popularity.

The reasons for this success are to be found in its ability to provide a quick and efficient response to the daily needs of a hospital structure or organization that work in certain areas.

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What Makes Open Hospital Unique?

  • Easy to use
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Provides training support
  • Allows the digitization of hospital data
  • Adapted to rural areas
  • Multi-platform
  • Configurable
  • It has remote and on-site help-desks
  • Allows you to manage visits, patients, and payments

What Does The Project Offer


A first analysis and verification of the software installation context: the facility and flow of patients are examined and the work is organized and divided into phases with all necessary meetings scheduled.


On-site intervention to configure servers, networks, install the software and to put backup and data recovery procedures in place.


The training phase is divided into theory, practice and simulation phases. For the appointment and training of the Focal Point, however, specific training is required.

Follow up

Goal definitions and expected results; setting up successful indicators and a communication channel. Corrective and evolutionary maintenance of software and network.

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