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How to Contribute?

Send us your questions, doubts or feedback. You can also download the software and help us to detect bugs, translate parts of (or the whole) software into other languages, or even work on the code base itself if you are a Java developer.

Who can Contribute?

Anyone: companies as well as individuals. Anyone who want to be part of the project. Even those who think they don’t have anything to offer could turn into a valuable resource.

Why Contribute?

To improve software features and functions and achieve good hospital management standards in developing countries.

How to Get Started?

Download and install Open Hospital by clicking the button at the top of the page and become a contributor today!

Open Hospital:
Which are the benefits?

Social Responsibility

By adopting a company policy is possible to reduce the digital divide in developing countries.


Thanks to an effective management of the issues related to social impact, companies benefit of an interesting return in terms of image and reputation.

Tax Deductions

Those who decide to embrace this strategic vision may have the opportunity to take advantages of government tax incentives.


With the support of dedicated professionals, it is possible to boost the diffusion of the healthcare management software in developing countries.

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